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Date published: 29th June 2022

Paston College students received a masterclass from a Historic England professional architectural photographer.

North Walsham’s Paston College was delighted to welcome the renowned Historic England architectural photographer James O. Davies, who hosted an interactive workshop for students as part of the North Walsham High Street Heritage Action Zone. The Students who took part are studying A level and B-tec Photography, Media and Film.

James O. Davies has photographed buildings all over England and his work has been featured in magazines, books and exhibitions for many years.

Students were treated to a masterclass in architectural photography with James sharing insights in lighting, framing, composition and editing as well as giving students tips on technical camera settings.

The all-day workshop was designed in two parts and included a practical, in-the-town element where students took cameras out and about to practice the skills they had learnt. Students were asked to photograph historic buildings in their setting or context; to photograph building elevations and to take images of a specific detail of either a building or monument. They were also looking at simple portraiture and the recreation of historic archived images.

Paston Students taking photos in North WalshamPaston College Students taking photos in North Walsham

 Dean Mooney, Paston College, Film and Media Lecturer, said,

“Students at today’s workshop were really privileged to hear from a professional photographer with such a wealth of experience and skills and more importantly he was willing to share this with our young people.

"It was a fantastic learning experience for them and for me too! It was fabulous to see our young people in North Walsham town centre stopping to really look at the buildings in a new and different light – buildings that they walk past every day.”

James O.Davies, Historic England Photographer, said:

“It was a pleasure to work with students from Paston College who engaged with the town’s architecture through thoughtful, considered photography. Their dedication bore many fruitful results and the day proved a great success”.

The photographic workshop was planned as part of the North Walsham High Street Heritage Action Zone, and another opportunity to highlight the town’s heritage, through this type of community engagement event.

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