Date published: 14th June 2022

Two locations in Holt were the subject of vandalism last week, with damage identified at the play area in Neil Avenue and the disabled toilet facilities in Albert Street.

The grab rail in the accessible toilets was damaged, in an attempt to remove it, and the rubber surfacing had been torn up in the play area.

Photo: Damage at Albert Street Toilets in Holt.

Photo: Damage at Neil Avenue in Holt. 

The vandalism of public facilities like play areas and toilets results in their closure while the Council repairs them, which can come at considerable cost and inconvenience to the public.

Closure of public facilities such as disabled toilets deprives residents and visitors of essential accessible services while they are in North Norfolk towns.

Cllr. Eric Vardy, local member for Holt said:

We’re very disappointed to see that these provisions have been vandalised. In damaging much enjoyed and used public services, the public is then deprived of them while they undergo repair at cost.

In the case of disabled toilets, these are an essential facility for people living in or visiting our towns and suffer as a result of the vandalism.”

The vandalism has been reported to the police, who are investigating.

Last updated: 12th April 2023