Ramp recut finished.jpg

Date published: 27th May 2022

The beach access ramp in Happisburgh has been re-opened after being re-cut, following significant erosion to the previous ramp.

The new ramp, which is wider for increased longevity and safety restores access from the car park to the beach. The ramp was closed in late December after becoming dangerously narrow in sections and at risk.

Happisburgh, identified as a no active intervention coastline in the Shoreline Management Plan, is unsuitable for the construction of a permanent access ramp on an eroding coastline so the original access ramp was created as a moveable, earth ramp in 2013 through the Pathfinder Project.

The re-cut of the ramp  this year required a formal planning consent and was undertaken in consultation with Natural England and the RSPB, for whom the Council employed Royal Haskoning to undertake a comprehensive ecological assessment to ensure any works would not disturb local wildlife.

Cllr. Lucy Shires, Member for Happisburgh said:

“Restoring access to the ramp is important for our residents to retain beach entry in Happisburgh, which is a beautiful but very delicate stretch of coast.

We’re pleased to see it re-open and back into public use.”

Last updated: 12th April 2023