Date published: 28th October 2022

Building upon the success of the Recruitment Fair in August, the Council and Cromer DWP are holding a wider Job Fair on Wednesday, 2 November, in the Council offices between 10am and 1pm.

This fair will be run in conjunction with ten businesses and four service providers from across the district.

The Job Fair allows residents to talk with potential employers from across the district. These employers and services will be available to speak with residents about their jobs or apprenticeships. They will also provide details of future recruitment campaigns and tips to make your application stand out.

The employers attending will cover Hospitality, Care, Logistics, Local Government, Manufacturing and Processing.

Lynn Jones, Apprentice Benefits Officer, NNDC, said:

“I have just started working at NNDC as an Apprentice Benefits Officer. I previously worked in education and was looking for a complete career change.

“I attended the recruitment day, which was very informative and allowed me to talk to Team Leaders and other staff members. They were all very welcoming and gave me an insight into their experiences working at the Council”.

Karen Hill, Assistant Director of People Services, NNDC, said:

“The August event showcased the opportunities available at the Council and of the 40 people attending, six were appointed to the posts that were available at that time, which we considered a huge success.

“This event showcases the opportunities of a wide range of employers, and we know that 80 people have expressed an interest in coming along so far. If you are looking for a job or a change, please come along to see what is on offer”.

Find out more about the current jobs available at the Council

Last updated: 12th April 2023