Date published: 14th February 2023

The Council’s latest and final tree giveaway was a success, with residents of North Norfolk visiting Holt Country Park to collect a tree of their very own to plant.

On offer was a 300-strong collection of Hazel, Rowan and Wild Cherry whips, representing a varied mix of tree sizes, for residents to take home and plant in their garden.

The trees are a native variety from a local nursery.

Alongside the free giveaway, local organisations such as parish councils and local landowners collected tree orders for their own planting projects, which the Council’s environment team have supplied trees for.

Over the course of the tree giveaways, the Council has given out over 1500 number of trees, improving the local biodiversity and encouraging residents to get involved in tree planting.

Cllr Nigel Lloyd, portfolio holder for Environmental Services, Climate Change and Environment said:

“The tree giveaways have been fantastic and we’re really encouraged to hear the reasons that residents are planting trees for.

It's important to look after our local environments and building up the biodiversity across our towns and villages is a great way to do it.”

The 110,000 Trees project is nearing completion, having recently hit a major milestone, having planted 109,000 trees.

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Last updated: 12th April 2023