Date published: 19th January 2023

The improvements taking place in North Walsham town centre (as part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone project) have unearthed what could have been a potential sinkhole. The quick thinking by the team on the ground has meant that steps have been taken to avoid this potential disaster.

During the extensive regeneration works currently happening in the town centre, the contractors discovered a small hole in the centre of the marketplace.

On further examination, the hole was found to have a larger void underneath. This space has a mains water pipe running through it, which is badly corroded and in need of replacement. Within a few hours, our team had contacted Anglian Water and representatives came on site, inspected the space and have consequently arranged to deploy a team next week to replace the pipe and make good.

The works to the marketplace have indirectly contributed to fixing what could have been a potential disaster later on and the prompt action has allowed this issue to be sorted out and rectified without further disruption and cost to local residents.

Cllr Richard Kershaw, Portfolio holder for Sustainable Growth, commented:

“I am very relieved that our work has indirectly identified what could have been a major issue for the town. We have been able to alert the relevant authority to the problem and get them on-site within a few hours to review the issue. They have agreed to fund the replacement of the existing warped and corroded pipe and to make the space good.

"There will, of course, be some disruption as they will need to close one of the main Lokes in the town, but we’re hopeful that this will only be for a few days next week.”

The team from the HAZ project, the Town Council, the contractors on site and Anglian Water will identify and signpost pedestrians to and from the car park, and in particular access to the weekly market (which happens on a Thursday), whilst Bank Loke is out of action. It is hoped that this work will only impact one market day.

Last updated: 12th April 2023