Date published: 4th October 2023

North Norfolk District Council’s online assistant, known as Nelly, will go live this week in line with National Customer Service Week.

This service will be a valuable addition to our customer service provision. The online service is integrated with the Council’s existing website and will provide residents with 24/7 access to the Council’s services, information and support. Nelly provides a quick and convenient online experience to those who wish to access our services this way, enabling a reduction in call waiting times.

Nelly has been available on a small number of web pages for the last month, gaining knowledge to help improve the customer experience. From Monday, 2 October, Nelly will be accessible across the entire website visible in the bottom right-hand corner.

The chatbot works, asking the customer to provide a brief description of their enquiry. Nelly will then use her knowledge to provide the correct information to assist the customer. Residents will get immediate answers to their questions quickly and easily.

If Nelly is unable to answer customer enquiries via the Chatbot function, the Council’s Customer Services Team will always be available to provide assistance during normal office hours.

Last updated: 4th October 2023