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Date published: 12th September 2023

North Norfolk District Council have launched Coastwise, a new coastal transition initiative.

Coastwise, funded through the Coastal Transition Acceleration Plan (CTAP), is a partnership between the Council, Environment Agency and DEFRA to work with communities to prepare us for climate enhanced coastal change.

In the last two centuries, coastal management has focused on building risk management structures to prevent erosion – many of these are now old and weathered from decades of use, on beaches that are getting smaller and under pressure from rising seas.

For some time there has been a move away from large-scale risk management structures, Coastwise will develop schemes to help North Norfolk’s coastal communities transition and adapt to a rapidly changing coastline.

Coastwise is a pilot scheme, alongside the East Riding of Yorkshire who have been granted funding through the CTAP.

 Schemes and projects delivered here in North Norfolk will provide a framework for coastal management and coastal transition across the UK and beyond.

Cllr Harry Blathwayt, portfolio holder for Coast said:

“The realities of coastal erosion are keenly felt by our coastal communities and businesses - as the climate change progresses, so does the impact on our coastline.

“In North Norfolk, we need to prepare our seaside towns and villages and work with our residents to transition alongside these realities.”

Rob Goodliffe, Coastal Transition Manager said:

“Coastwise will draw from multi-agency expertise in coastal management and work with our communities to help us all transition to our changing coastline.

“Working together, the schemes and innovations we make in North Norfolk will help become the blueprint for coastal transition across the UK, further helping other coastal communities.”

Coupled with rising sea levels and increases in heavier weather, coastal erosion is accelerating against North Norfolk’s friable cliffs. It is expected that the sea level may rise by up to 1.15 metres by 2100.

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Last updated: 12th September 2023