Date published: 29th September 2023

At North Norfolk District Council’s Full Council meeting on September 20, a motion was put forward by a local member for the Coastal Ward Cllr Dr Holliday, who was seeking support from the District Council to save the Blakeney Surgery. This motion was passed unanimously.

The Council was concerned at the proposed loss of the surgery from a remote rural community served by limited public transport.

As a member of the Rural Services Network, which seeks to promote the understanding of the issues of service provision in rural areas, North Norfolk District Council wants to ensure that its residents and communities are not disadvantaged in being able to access even basic community services which people in urban and suburban areas take for granted.

A letter has now been sent to the NHS Norfolk and Waveney on behalf of the Elected Members, showing their support to save the surgery.

Last updated: 29th September 2023