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Date published: 9th February 2024

North Norfolk District Council is pleased to hear plans for banking arrangements in Holt have progressed as LINK have proposed Holt as location for the first Banking Hub in North Norfolk.

The Council supported the process by providing local statistics and data around banking usage and demographics, which demonstrated the importance of access to these services for local residents.

Leader of the Council, Cllr. Tim Adams said:

“We are pleased that our work in analysing the data available supporting Holt as a shopping and service destination, and appraising the strength and needs of the Town Centre has helped get us to this outcome. 

This could be North Norfolk's very first Banking Hub, directly replacing the services lost due to the closure of bank branches.

There are currently less than ten such facilities nationally, and so we are delighted that our Town Centres have already been recognised this early, and will soon benefit from the future of high street banking. 

The Banking Hub branch will provide the cash, deposit and bill paying services needed by individuals and businesses. Representatives of high street banking providers will also be present during the weekly opening hours to assist customers."

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Last updated: 9th February 2024