Date published: 16th February 2024

Roadworks at Beach Road in Happisburgh were recently completed as part of coastal transition plans for the Car Park.

The roadworks, which were funded by the Coastwise project, maintain access to the Happisburgh Parish Council operated car park while an alternative point of access can be provided.

The road was re-set across the corner of Beach Road, with land kindly made available by the neighbouring property owner, extending the life of the route into the car park.

Beach Road at Happisburgh, showing the road has been redirected through the neighbouring property exterior garden.

Aerial shot showing the road redirected at Beach Road in Happisburgh

Hear from Coastal Engineer Brian Farrow:

The cliff at the end of Beach Road has been rapidly eroding and several metres of material was lost following successive storms throughout the winter.

Aerial image of Beach Road Car Park in Happisburgh, taken in December 2023

Planning permission has been granted to relocate road access to the car park and work is being planned for later this year. Once the road has been reinstated, erosion around the car park will be monitored, with a view to decommission and relocate it.

Many of the materials from the current car park are reusable, as it was designed so that in the future it can be deconstructed and relocated.

The Council will continue to work with local landowners, residents and the Parish Council in Happisburgh.

Coastwise is a nationally funded project, funded by the Environment Agency and DEFRA through the Coastal Transition Acceleration Plan. (CTAP)

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Last updated: 16th February 2024