Date published: 6th June 2024

North Norfolk District Council has partnered with Groundwork East to offer businesses in North Norfolk access to free decarbonisation plans and support for reducing their carbon footprint.

The scheme is funded by the Government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund and is open to any small or medium-sized business in the district.

Businesses will receive a free decarbonisation plan and additional support and guidance to help them learn more about how to reduce their carbon footprint.

The North Norfolk Net Zero Business Advisor Service is delivering the scheme and will work with businesses on an individual basis to help them identify ways to decrease their carbon emissions and ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to improve their carbon footprint.

To apply for net zero business advice and grants, email or call 01473 350 370

You can also generate a bespoke Net Zero action plan for your organisation here - Carbon Charter | The Carbon Charter Net Zero Diagnostic Tool - Carbon Charter

Last updated: 6th June 2024