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Date published: 16th May 2024

North Norfolk District Council is piloting two electric pool vehicles to reduce petrol and diesel business travel across the district.

The introduction of these vehicles reduces reliance on staff-owned vehicles, which are currently used to undertake essential Council business.

The Council’s business travel by fleet and staff cars emitted over 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2023/24, significantly contributing to the Council’s overall carbon footprint.

The geography of the district and nature of officers work often means public transport isn’t a viable option for staff carrying out their duties in North Norfolk so, where travel is essential it is hoped that the electric cars will provide a practical alternative.

Journeys made by these electric cars will have significantly less emissions, as they will be charged by electricity from the Council’s 100% renewable tariff - each electric mile costs the Council 10% of a petrol or diesel mile in fuel costs.

The vehicles also have zero tailpipe emissions, helping reduce local air pollution.

Cllr. Adam Varley, portfolio holder for Net Zero and Climate Change said:

“Essential business travel is a challenge given North Norfolk’s geography, but we must do everything we can to minimise our impact on the district and the climate so I’m very pleased that the Council is continuing to reduce emissions wherever possible.”

Martyn Fulcher, Director for Place and Climate Change said:

“This is an important step in the right direction – as a Council we must lead by example. Reducing our business travel emissions is essential for decarbonising and reaching our 2030 Net Zero targets.”

The pool vehicles are provided through Enterprise Car Club - the Council will consider extending the number and availability of vehicles at the end of the scheme to further reduce business emissions.

Last updated: 16th May 2024