Site inspections are required (at least) during the stages below:

  • commencement (at least two days before work starts)
  • foundation excavations
  • foundation concrete laid
  • oversite hardcore
  • damp proof course
  • oversite concrete and covering to be started
  • drains and private sewers
  • testing drains and private sewer

Before you book an inspection

Before an inspection is requested, we require a building control application. Once this application is received and validated, you will receive a building control application number.   

To book an inspection, you will need the following:

  • building control application number
  • site address
  • inspection type
  • name and contact details of the person making the booking

Inspections are carried out on weekday mornings between 8.30am and 1pm. However, we are unable to offer timed appointments. Surveyors carry out their visits in a logical order to save on both time and mileage.

Our working practice aims to reduce travelling time and improve the efficiency of our service. Any requests for an inspection on the following day must be made before 3.30pm to be guaranteed an inspection.

Book a building control inspection