Most building work requires consent, check the approval that you need

Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval are two separate pieces of legislation. If you have planning permission it is likely that your work will also require Building Regulation Approval.

Most building work requires consent, the following types of project amount to building work:

  • Structural alterations to the building.
  • The erection or extension of a building including the conversion of a loft or garage.
  • An alteration project involving work which will temporarily or permanently affect the ongoing compliance of the building, service or fitting with the requirements relating to structure, fire or access to and use of buildings.
  • When installing replacement windows using a builder or window company that is not registered with a relevant competent person scheme.
  • The installation or extension of a service or fitting which is controlled under the regulations.
  • The provision of insulation into a cavity wall or the renovation of a thermal element.
  • The underpinning of the foundation of a building.
  • When you want to change the building’s fundamental use.
  • Alterations to the drainage system of a building.

However there are some exemptions such as:

  • Porches
  • Small detached garages
  • Thermally separated conservatories

General guidance on exempt works can be found in the Building Regulations explanatory booklet and in our frequently asked questionsYou should always talk to the Building Control team for advice before doing any building work. 

Visit the LABC Front Door website for further guidance.

For advice on the best way to get approval or confirm your works are exempt please contact the Building Control team.