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Accidents and incidents that occur at work, or in connection with work activities, are investigated by either the Public Protection team or the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to prevent their recurrence.

The level of investigation will depend on the severity of the accident or incident.

The following accidents or incidents must be reported to the HSE:

  • fatalities;
  • any of eight specified injuries to workers
  • injuries that result in absence from work for over seven days;
  • injuries to a member of the public who is taken to hospital for treatment directly from the premises;
  • dangerous occurrences;
  • any of the eight categories of reportable work-related illness.

The HSE's Reporting accidents and incidents at work guide gives more detail about all of the above.

To report an accident or incident that does not fit the above categories please contact our Public Protection team.

Who should I contact?

Responsibility for accident investigation by type of premises
NNDC have responsibility. The HSE have responsibility. Call 0300 0031747.
Leisure activities
Theatres and cinemas
Tye and exhaust fitting
Construction and demolition
Vehicle repair

Related Documents

The NNDC Environmental Health Enforcement Policy sets out principles of good enforcement and details how issues of Enforcement will be dealt with at NNDC.