North Norfolk is a uniquely beautiful and varied place for filming opportunities. With historic market and seaside towns, picturesque villages, award-winning woodland parks and beaches, and the iconic Cromer Pier, there is a lot to show off and share with the world.

At the Council, we are fortunate to own and manage land that could be a perfect location for your shoot!

We welcome filming and photoshoots of all kinds and support anyone who chooses North Norfolk as their location. We work with:

  • small independent films
  • student projects
  • commercial requests
  • national productions
  • big blockbusters

Commercial filming

Fees and charges

Fees cover filming and photography and are charged per day, based on:

  • location
  • duration
  • impact of production
  • size of the cast and crew

Small-scale production fees

From £100 to £500

Large-scale production fees

Up to £1500 

Students and non-profit organisations

The Council welcomes and supports filming in North Norfolk by student productions, news media, and charitable or non-profit organisations.

Single-days shoots

For most single-day shoots on Council land, there are no fees for charities or students.

Long-term or high-impact shoots

The Council considers high-impact or long-term proposed shoots on a case-by-case basis.

Drone filming

The Council cannot accept or approve a filming request to use drones without proof of the following:

  • drone registration
  • drone cover insurance
  • liability insurance
  • CAA PFCO qualification or equivalent

We will also require a CAA flight plan, including:

  • flight area
  • distances
  • take-off and landing area

There are some areas where the Council cannot approve drone filming.

Drone registration

You must register all drones. Visit the Civil Aviation Authority website for more information.

Contact us

Location scouting

Please get in touch with the Communications Team if you are looking for a filming location. The Council is currently reviewing what locations it has available for filming requests.

Making a filming request

For any filming requests, please email

All filming requests require public liabilities insurance and risk assessments.

What we need

When contacting the Council to request filming, please provide the following:

  • your public liabilities insurance
  • shoot risk assessments, including COVID risks
  • mapped coordinates of where you want to film

We will also require an outline of your production, including:

  • cast and crew size
  • equipment
  • vehicle requirements