Seek consent to alter a listed building

Applications for listed building consent are made through the Planning Portal.

The Portal takes applicants through the national and local requirements needed in support of their application. If these documents are not provided, your application cannot be validated.

Additional guidance when applying for consent through the Planning Portal.

When applying for listed building consent, applicants must be able to justify their proposals and show why works affecting the character and appearance of the building are both desirable and necessary.

They should also provide sufficient information within their submission to enable the Local Planning Authority to assess the full impact of their proposals. Hence, if any demolition or replacement is proposed, the age and importance of that fabric or feature will need to be properly quantified.

Adherence to the following general principles will increase the likelihood of an application being approved:

  • Any alterations should be kept to an absolute minimum and should be carried out using compatible materials and techniques. They should also be reversible wherever practical.
  • Any replacement of original or historic features should be carried out on a like-for-like basis, closely replicating the design and form of the existing feature; i.e. doors, windows & guttering, etc.
  • Any replacement of non-original or modern features should be carried out in a manner which is sympathetic to the age and character of the host building. Ideally the replacement should be based upon proper photographic evidence to ensure authenticity.
  • Any new extensions, through their scale, form, design and materials, should be respectful of, and subservient to, the existing building.

Please note:

A Design & Access/Heritage Statement must be submitted with every application for listed building consent. This statement is an applicant’s opportunity to explain and justify their proposals and to clarify what impact they will have on the host building. In normal circumstances, each statement should provide information under the following subject areas:

  • A description of the building which outlines its historic development.
  • A full description of the proposed works.
  • A statement of justification for the proposed works.
  • An assessment of the impact of the proposed works upon the overall significance of the building.

All such information should be proportionate with the importance of the listed building and the extent of the work.


Apply for listed building consent