Land contamination is a material consideration in the determination of a planning application.

When a planning application is received the possible risks associated with contamination are assessed. Information provided by the applicant and those sources of information held by the Council are used to determine the level of risk and whether further investigation of a site is required.

In order to ensure a sufficient and proportionate level of information is provided, the Councils Local Validation list requires the submission of a Contaminated Land Assessment for:

  1. all new development proposals where contamination is known or suspected (on the site or on adjacent land) and/or
  2. the proposed use would be particularly vulnerable to the presence of contamination (e.g. residential, care homes, holiday lets, allotments, small holdings).

Barn Conversions and Removal of Occupancy Restrictions

North Norfolk District Council recognises that not all applications will require a detailed ground investigation to determine the presence of contamination. In order to avoid, where possible, the need for unnecessary and expensive investigations and to speed up the submission of your application, North Norfolk District council has produced the two guidance documents in relation to proposals affecting former agricultural buildings which include a simple questionnaire which can be completed and submitted with your planning application in relation to:

Please complete the relevant form and submit it with your application to ensure you meet the Council’s Local Validation requirements.