These guidance notes will help you understand the GIRAMS subscription model for temporary holiday sites.

The Council recognised that paying a single GIRAMS payment (designed for 80 years worth of mitigation) added a significant financial burden for qualifying temporary holiday sites and caravan and camping sites. Especially those that may only operate for less than 5 years. We have listened to those concerns and devised a subscription model for GIRAMS mitigation, which significantly reduces the financial outlay for smaller tourism businesses while enabling necessary mitigation to be secured.

Is my site affected by GIRAMS requirements?

All areas of North Norfolk are subject to at least one zone of influence regarding recreational impacts. As a result, all new caravan and camping sites will be required to make a GIRAMS payment.

How much will I have to pay? 

For the Council to calculate the cost, we will need the following:

  • number of new or additional standard tent, caravan or motorhome pitches (5m wide x 9m long)
  • number of new or additional non-standard tent, caravan or motorhome pitches (5m wide x 9m long)  
  • number of years subscription being requested, from 1 year to a maximum of 5 years, are available
  • subscription start date, calendar year, see further guidance below


A site owner seeks 100 standard pitches and 5 non-standard pitches for a one year GIRAMS subscription starting this calendar year. The cost would be  £226.65 for one year  using February 2024 GIRAMS pricing, which is  £2.11 per standard pitch  and  £3.16 per non-standard pitch.   

How long does the subscription last for?

From a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 5 years.

When does the subscription year start?

GIRAMS subscriptions run based on calendar years, starting from 1 January and ending on 31 December each year. 

For single-year subscriptions, please specify which year you would like the subscription to start: the current or next calendar year. Single year subscriptions for the next calendar year will only be available to buy after 1 April of the current calendar year.

Where multiple years are requested, these start from the current calendar year. 


In 2024, a site owner wants to buy a single-year subscription for the 2025 calendar year. It would be available to buy after 1 April 2024. 

Will I save money taking out a subscription for multiple years?

You can secure a multiple-year GIRAMS subscription (up to a maximum of 5 years) in advance at current prices. See  When does the subscription year start?  above

Once payment for the subscription is received, development can proceed for the requested timeframe up to the number and size of pitches paid for.  

Can I pay a reduced rate if I do not use the site for the entire year?

We have sought to reduce GIRAMS rates as low as possible without adding to the complexity of the operation. We recognise that some sites may only operate for a limited duration, but an annual fee strikes a fair balance for both operators and GIRAMS administrators. Costs would likely rise if more complex payment options were added, such as specific dates and timeframes less than a year.  

Increasing the number of pitches on your site

You can top-up your current subscription if you want more pitches. Top-ups would be based on the latest GIRAMS prices.

Sites operating without the correct GIRAMS payment may be subject to enforcement action.

How often are GIRAMS prices reviewed?

Every year, new prices come into effect on 1 April.

Will fee increases affect my payment if I pay upfront for the year?

If you paid your GIRAMS subscription in January for the year ahead, you will not be charged extra when the prices rise in April. You can save money by buying early for the year ahead.