The North Norfolk Safety Advisory Group (NNSAG) is administered by the District Council and its role is to promote good standards of safety at all public events in the district and ensure best practice is followed.


About the Safety Advisory Group

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The Event Management and Public Safety leaflet - available to download by clicking on the logo to the right - contains further information about organising events.

Core members of the Safety Advisory Group include officers from:

Notify us if you plan to stage a public event

The application should be completed by the person responsible for event planning. Notification should be submitted twelve weeks in advance of your event. You may also need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).

How to submit details of a public event

You can submit basic details of your event to the NNSAG by completing the application form below. The NNSAG will contact you if further information is required. 

The group provides a single point of contact for organisers, ensuring all agencies are aware of events taking place that the public may attend in the District.

Event Application Form

Guidance on planning a public event

Please note that the North Norfolk District Council does not grant permission to hold events in the District or other land or issue licences. The land owner’s consent must always be sought and agreed.

We work with event organisers to promote good safety standards at public events, to make the events better for everyone involved. This Event Management and Public Safety leaflet contains further information about organising events.

The North Norfolk Safety Advisory Group (NNSAG) has produced an Event Management Plan Template (Word Doc) that will help event organisers think about aspects of event planning that may need to be considered.

Download Event Management Plan Template