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Free parking available in our car parks at Fakenham (Saturday 15th December) and Holt (Sunday 16th December).

Notify us if you intend to demolish a building

If you intend to demolish a building you may be required to give us notice.

Notification must be submitted at least six weeks before the demolition is carried out.

A demolition notice is not required for the following:

  • For the demolition of the internal part of a building, where the building is occupied and it is intended that it should continue to be occupied
  • Where the cubic content (as ascertained by external measurement) is not more than 1750 cubic feet (~50m3)
  • Where the building is a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage.
  • Where the building is an agricultural building, unless it is contiguous to another building that is not itself an agricultural building.

 If you intend to undertake the demolition of a building that does not fall within any of the above categories, you should let us know. Download a demolition notice form with guidance notes and submit it at least six weeks before the demolition is carried out.

If you have not received a Section 81 notification confirming demolition can be undertaken, then you are not duly authorised to proceed. Failure to comply with this statement is a breach of the legislation and could result in prosecution.