If you have lost your dog contact us to report it.

Call Animal Warden Services on 01362 858500 to report that your dog has been lost, and to see if we have already collected it. If your dog is on our Found Dog Register, we’ll let you know where you can collect it from.

Kennel and collection fees

Statutory release fee

If your dog is brought to the Council offices at Cromer by a member of the public, we will retrieve your contact details from your dog's microchip. If you can collect your dog from us before it gets to our kennel, you will pay a statutory release fee of £25.

Collection fees

If we take your dog to the kennels, then you will pay a collection fee of £100. To avoid expensive kennel charges, make sure when in a public place, your dog is wearing a collar and tag that displays your name and address.

We always check dogs we find for microchips as it is a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped. However, they are not a substitute for a collar and tag.

Veterinary Treatment

If veterinary treatment is given to your dog, you will also need to make payment for those costs before it is released. Unfortunately, we cannot offer staged payments for the return of a seized dog.