This page includes a series of questions that are commonly asked about the small sites project.

What is the small sites project?

North Norfolk District Council is partnering with local housing associations, Broadland Housing Association and Flagship Housing Group, to build new affordable homes. This project encourages small and medium-sized developers to propose new home sites to provide more affordable housing in the area.

How much will the local housing association pay for the completed new build homes? 

Broadland Housing Association

Broadland will assess each site based on the number and mix of homes and other site-specific factors. With this information, they will be able to give an indicative price. However, all units must meet Broadland's minimum specification.

Flagship Housing Group 

Flagship will assess each site based on the number and mix of homes and other site-specific factors. To indicate possible prices at this stage, for an average scheme, Flagship would be able to offer around £200,000 per property. 

This estimate is indicative only and based on 8 x rented and 4 x shared ownership homes consisting of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom properties on a 'land and build' package price.

All units must meet Flagship Housing Association's minimum specification

What is your housing specification?

The local housing associations each have their specifications for affordable homes.

Broadland Housing Association

Flagship Housing Group

In addition, the local housing association will only agree to buy homes that meet the Nationally Described Space Standards (NDSS).

All schemes would need to be capable of obtaining planning permission. Please refer to the Council's Local Plan.

Can I talk to planning officers to find out if my scheme will likely get planning permission?

Yes, the Council will offer pre-application consultations to all developers with sites shortlisted by local housing associations. 

The Council's planning service will be consistent with normal practice, and the Council does not guarantee that shortlisted schemes will get planning permission. The Council's role as the local planning authority will remain independent of this initiative.

Will the local housing association buy several homes from within a larger scheme?

Yes, provided the price and programme are acceptable.  

I know a suitable piece of land, but I have yet to agree on terms to buy it. Will the housing association wait?

The local housing associations will prioritise projects that they can deliver quickly. However, both are keen to develop a pipeline of future schemes and will consider suitable sites for future delivery.

What are the trigger points for staged payments? 

The payment trigger points and proportion of unit prices are as follows:

First Golden brick including deposit 27%
Roof stage 25%
Plaster stage 25%
Practical completion 18%

The local housing association will retain 5% against any defects identified post-completion. The freehold interest in the land will transfer to the local housing association at Golden Brick stage, which is construction to slab level – just past foundation. Trigger payments will depend on the Council's building inspectors being satisfied with the quality of the work.

Will I have to pay S106 costs?

Your site may be subject to S106 costs, and planning officers can provide information on charges which may apply to your site. The local housing associations will only buy affordable homes and will not pay extra to cover the s106 costs.

What type of contract can I expect from the housing association if they decide to proceed with my site?

The local housing associations have prepared an example development agreement draft contract. You can negotiate changes to this agreement subject to approval by the local housing association.

If the local housing associations do not choose my site, will the Council cover any expenses that I have already incurred?

No, all your upfront work is at your risk. The local housing associations are not obliged to accept any of the proposed proposals.  

How do I submit my scheme?

Please get in touch with the Housing Strategy and Delivery Manager, Nicky Debbage on 01263 516027 or email