Find out about affordable housing

Affordable housing is a term used to describe homes which are provided at below market prices to households who cannot afford to buy or rent a home which meets their needs on the open market. The main forms of affordable housing are social rent, affordable rent, and intermediate housing for sale.

Guide to Rural Affordable Housing 

This Guide to Affordable Housing provides a comprehensive guide by the Rural Housing Alliance, which, whilst designed for parish councillors, is suitable to provide information for all interested in how affordable housing is delivered.

It tells you about:

  • what is affordable housing
  • the need for affordable housing
  • how affordable housing is developed, let and managed
  • what is community-led housing

Affordable housing in North Norfolk

Housing Associations, working in the North Norfolk district are developing new affordable homes. All homes will be advertised through the Council’s choice based lettings scheme, Your Choice Your Home, To be considered for a property, you must join the housing list.