A housing association is a non profit-making voluntary organisation, formed to provide affordable housing - surplus profit is ploughed back into the organisation to maintain existing homes and to help finance new ones.

Some housing associations specialise in providing housing for those who need special support, such as people with mental illness or drug problems. Most housing associations are registered with and monitored by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and these are also referred to as Private Registered Providers or Registered Providers (or RPs).

Due to recent government changes all landlords of affordable housing have the ability to give new tenants either a ‘lifetime’ tenancy or a ‘fixed term’ tenancy.

The Council has adopted a Tenancy Strategy which sets out its view on fixed term tenancies, the minimum period of a fixed term tenancy it considers appropriate and in what circumstances a fixed term tenancy should not be renewed. The Tenancy Strategy also supports the use of Affordable Rents (where the rent charged will be up to 80% of the market rent for that property).

Some Housing Associations have approved a new Tenancy Policy which sets out their approach to the use of fixed term tenancies and will set out when they will they will be used, and if a fixed tenancy is used in what circumstances when it will not be renewed. Where the decision is made not to renew a fixed term tenancy, the Tenancy Policy details what support will be provided to the tenant.

If you should be offered a tenancy please ensure you check with the provider the type of tenancy you are being offered.

North Norfolk District Council no longer owns any 'council housing', having transferred its housing stock to Victory Housing Trust in February 2006: all of the affordable housing within the district is managed by housing associations and specialist housing providers. There are currently 12 housing associations and trusts operating in the district, managing over 6000 properties between them.  The main Registered Providers with stock in North Norfolk are listed below.  The Council has nomination rights to some or all of the properties managed by these Registered Providers.  Properties owned by these Registered Providers will be advertised through the Your Choice Your Home scheme

Victory Housing Trust

Victory Housing Trust is the largest Registered Provider in North Norfolk.  If you were previously a Council Tenant, it is Victory Housing Trust who now provide you with the following services:

  • Rent payments
  • Debt advice
  • Housing benefits advice
  • Sheltered housing
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Rent arrears
  • Mutual exchange scheme
  • Right to buy
  • Repairs and maintenance

Visit the Victory Housing Trust website for further advice and information.

Other housing organisations with stock in North Norfolk

These housing organisations provide homes in North Norfolk, but they do not participate in the Housing Register and are not Registered Providers:

  • Blakeney & Neighbourhood Housing Society
  • Holt Housing Society
  • Stable Door