House to house collections

The holders of a Home Office exemption order will not appear on this register. The Salvation Army (this Council's beneficiary of house to house textile collections) holds an exemption order reference CHC 97/7/42/2 dated 8 June 2006.

The Home Office issues exemption orders to large charities, making regular house to house collections. When volunteers or promotion companies commissioned by the charities make a house to house collection, they should be told whether or not the charity has been issued an exemption order. If they have an exemption order, they do not have to apply for a license, but they should inform the licensing department that they plan to make a collection in their area.

The house to house collection register for charities or businesses collecting on behalf of charities is sorted by date and parish. If the parish is shown as 'district', the collection is across North Norfolk.

Street collections

The street collections register for charities licensed by this Council is sorted by date and parish.