The Community Alcohol Partnership aims to reduce alcohol harm in local communities by preventing underage drinking among young people under 18.

The CAP mission is achieved by a partnership approach embracing:

  • Education for school-aged children and those up to the age of 25
  • Engagement of the local community
  • Entertainment appropriate positive activity for young people aged under 18
  • Enforcement linked to Challenge 25 policy and preventing proxy purchase 
  • Evaluation of CAP projects. 

All partnerships are planned for lasting and sustainable change.

A Community Alcohol Partnership was launched for Sheringham at the end of 2022 to protect children and young people from alcohol harm, enhance their health and wellbeing and improve local communities. 

A CAP for Cromer was launched on 6 March 2024.

Who is involved?

Local partnerships will come together to form the CAP, which includes the following and are all coordinated and supported by a CAP advisor:

  • police
  • NNDC Licensing and Community Connectors
  • district and town councillors
  • NCC Childrens Services
  • high schools
  • youth clubs
  • local retail providers 
  • leisure and sports facilities 

CAP action plan

Each CAP action plan is based on three key elements:

  1. Provision of positive activities which promote positive activities for children and young people.
  2. Alcohol education is key to raising awareness about the impact of underage alcohol consumption on health and society and the laws relating to children and young people and alcohol.
  3. Responsible retail strategies, using retail best practices with close links to the Retail Alcohol Standards Group (RASG).

Action plan objectives

The Sheringham CAP has an action plan with five objectives:

  1. Reduce incidents of alcohol sales to young people.
  2. Reduce proxy purchasing and general supply of alcohol to under 18’s
  3. Reduce anti-social behaviour associated with youth alcohol consumption.
  4. Increase young people’s awareness of the risks of drinking alcohol.
  5. .Improve understanding of safe drinking limits and the law relating to the sale of alcohol to young people.

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