Guide for Buskers in North Norfolk

Street performing (busking) is a time-honoured art form that can add to the attractiveness and colour of the local area. Performers can help to create an enhanced atmosphere and provide pleasure to many people, both local and visitors. However, for those living or working in the vicinity, busking can become intrusive or annoying and may lead to nuisance being caused.

The Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act 1993 empowers local authorities to take statutory nuisance action in relation to equipment, including amplified musical instruments used in the streets. We are able to take legal action to abate the nuisance and prohibit its recurrence; this may include the seizure of musical instruments.

What you should do if you are being disturbed by buskers

If you find you are being disturbed by buskers, either outside your place of work or where you live, you should firstly approach the busker and explain politely that you are being troubled by noise. You may find this difficult, but often people are unaware of the problem they are causing. Most buskers will be glad to do what they can to reduce the noise level they are generating.

If the problem persists please contact us for advice. We may be able to visit to explain the code of practice to the busker and if necessary take formal action.

Busker's Code of Practice

This code has been drawn up to set a standard which, if complied with, will ensure busking can continue without the need for us to take action.

  1. Contributions must not be solicited. This is begging and you could be arrested or prosecuted if you do.
  2. If requested to reduce the volume of music you should try to do so as far as possible by reducing the volume of amplified music or playing quieter tunes.
  3. The entertainment should cease before 9pm
  4. Avoid sites near to public telephone boxes, post boxes or doorways as this will make it difficult for these to be used properly.
  5. Music or voice shall not be amplified to a level or be so loud that either can be clearly heard at a distance of 30 metres
  6. Move on to another pitch which is at least 50 metres away after one hour - this will help prevent complaints from local shopkeepers
  7. Do not set up your pitch within 50 metres of another busker
  8. No sale of any merchandise will be allowed
  9. Don't obstruct the flow of pedestrians