Two types of licences are available. A site or collector's, both are valid for three years. Find out how to apply.

A licence is required for the dealing in scrap metal or the running of a scrap metal business. You can only hold one of these licences per local authority area.

How to apply for a site or collector's licence

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Pay the licensing fee. View fees for scrap metal dealers or salvage operators 
  3. Submit the following supporting documents:
  • all directors, partners, and managers must provide a basic disclosure issued up to three months before applying to the licensing authority
  • recent passport-sized photo
  • EA permits, exemptions or registration
  • copy of Public Liability insurance
  • copy of vehicle insurance for all vehicles being used
  • current DVLA photo-card licence for all applicants
  • Right to work in the UK document

Council Officers will require a site inspection in association with the police. 

How long does it take?

If a valid application is received, we will aim to produce your licence within 28 days

If your application is deemed invalid and needs to be reviewed by a licensing committee, a hearing will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity, typically within one month. You will need to attend the hearing to provide support for your application.

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