The Council wants to identify available sites which can be considered for small-scale housing growth in what we refer to as Small Growth Village locations.

This consultation has ended.

These villages are identified in Policy SD3 of the First Draft Local Plan (Part 1).

We are only looking for small sites (of between 0.25 and 1 hectare in size) in the following village locations: Aldborough, Badersfield, Bacton, Binham, Catfield, East Runton, Happisburgh, High Kelling, Horning, Langham, Little Snoring, Little Walsingham, Overstrand, Potter Heigham, Roughton, Sculthorpe, Southrepps, Sutton, Trunch, Walcott, West Runton, Weybourne.

The identification of small sites will inform the First Draft Local Plan (Part 2) which will outline our approach to development in these villages. This document is intended to be published in Autumn/Winter 2019.

Sites can be submitted to the Council during the period Tuesday 7 May to Wednesday 19 June, at 5pm and must use the Site Registration Form.

Thank you for your participation in this event.

To add comments to this consultation event you must:

  1. Submit your proposal using the Site Registration Form, please complete a separate form for each site.
  2. Include a site plan which clearly identifies the boundary of the site.
  3. Return your response to by no later than 5pm on Wednesday 19 June.

 Please note:

  • Proposals which are not well related to the existing built-up area of the above listed villages will not be accepted. Your submission may be retained by the Council but will not be considered for the First Draft Local Plan (Part 2).
  • Proposals which are less than 0.25 hectares and larger than 1 hectare will not be accepted.
  • Proposals which do not include a clear site plan, have insufficient details, or relate to multiple sites but are completed on a single Site Registration Form, will be returned seeking the relevant details.
  • Proposals which do not relate to the specified Small Growth Villages The Residential Site Registration Form can be completed using a computer or other device. Simply download a copy to your desktop and fill in the form fields. If using Adobe Reader you can save the form by pressing ctrl + s on your keyboard. Please then return to us at the above email address.
  • We are not asking for sites to be submitted in Corpusty and Saxthorpe as the approach taken in relation to sites is outlined in the recently adopted Corpusty and Saxthorpe Neighbourhood Plan.