This document sets out the programme for preparing and adopting the planning documents which form the Local Plan.

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) identifies when different development plan documents will be produced and, when applicable, will also identify when supplementary planning documents (SPDs) are to be produced to support the adopted Local Plan.

The LDS for North Norfolk took effect from 3 August 2015 until further notice, following agreement by the Council’s Cabinet. However, please note the timetable contained in the adopted LDS document is outdated.

Since adoption of the LDS, we have made many changes to the Local Plan and the timeline of the process to prepare it. We will publish a revised LDS on this page in the near future.

View the latest Local Plan Production Timetable (March 2020) to understand the current timeline for the Local Plan and other supplementary documents. This timetable was approved by Cabinet on Tuesday 19 May, 2020.

Timeline Review

A review of Local Plan progress took place in March 2018, and again in March 2020. At both stages, a new Local Plan production timetable was published, and these are available to view below. The latest timetable represents the situation at the time and replaces the Local Development Scheme timetable.