The term 'self-build' is used when somebody obtains a building plot and constructs their own home on it.

Self-builders create their homes in different ways. Most will need to commission an architect to design the house, some will then employ a builder to construct it, whereas others may choose to build all or part of the house themselves. The majority of self-builders manage the building site and deal directly with planners, tradespeople and materials suppliers. Self-Build is an ideal way to create something tailored to your unique requirements.

Types of build

There are various types of custom build projects, including the following:

  • Individual custom build - An individual purchases a plot of land and builds a house to live in. They may do some or all of the build themselves, or employ an architect, a builder, and in some cases, a project manager to oversee the build.
  • Group custom build - A group of people come together to design and develop a custom build housing development which they then live in. They may build this themselves or with help from a developer to manage the project.
  • Developer-led custom build - A developer divides a larger site into individual plots and provides a design and build service to purchasers. This gives people a chance to tailor existing house designs to suit their own preference and needs.

Custom and Self-Build Housing Register

A register has been setup with the aim of informing the council of the level of demand for self-build and custom-build plots in North Norfolk. It enables the council to develop a strategy for delivering serviced plots for self-build and custom-build projects, and, to meet the demand for serviced plots by granting sufficient planning permissions for those on the register who are eligible.