What is a Private Water Supply and do these regulations apply to me?

In north Norfolk, a private water supply (PWS) is any water supply that is not provided by Anglian Water; i.e. it is not a ‘mains’ supply.

There are about 450 such supplies in our district. The source of the supply may be a well, borehole, spring, stream, river, lake or pond. Most of those in north Norfolk are supplied via a borehole or well. The supply may serve just one property or several properties through a network of pipes.

The Private Water Supplies Regulations apply to all private water supplies intended for human consumption. This means they apply to water for domestic purposes (e.g. drinking, cooking, food preparation and washing) and water used for food-production purposes (e.g. hotel, restaurant, food factory, etc) in England.

We are responsible for monitoring PWS. The Regulations give a clear indication of the monitoring requirements from which we develop our annual sampling programme. They set out procedures we must follow if we consider a PWS is unwholesome.

Our Private Water Supplies leaflet is available to download below. It summarises how the Regulations work, our responsibility for risk assessments, sampling and how we handle the results.

The Supporting Information link below provides three factsheets about the most likely problems to affect a private water supply.