Climate Change Training & Information

As part of our commitment to improve resident’s knowledge of the climate emergency, we will be offering and signposting a range of resources and programmes to suit all levels of learner across different platforms.

The issues around climate change have a lot of jargon and understanding it all can be tricky, so here are a few useful links that might help:

We also love this simple summary by Dr Kimberly Nicholas that can be found on

Climate Science basics:

  • It's warming
  • It's us
  • We're sure
  • It's bad
  • We can fix it


Interested in finding out the carbon footprint of your town, village or the district as a whole? 

The Impact Community Carbon Calculator is a great tool which shows just that, breaking the emission data down into different segments such as housing, food and diet and travel. The tool also provides a handy PDF report which explains the emissions breakdown and poses questions to help you act and reduce them.