The Council commissioned Neil Allen Associates in 2015 to produce an indoor leisure facility strategy to provide evidence that will assist to make informed decisions and plan for sport and recreation within North Norfolk.

The strategy considers the quantity, quality and accessibility of current leisure facility provision and recommends actions to be undertaken to address any shortfall. This co-ordinated picture of provision enables identification and prioritisation of strategic facility needs to support national, regional and local ambitions for sport and physical activity, particularly those relevant to increasing physical activity levels, and support North Norfolk’s Corporate Plan 2015 – 2019.

The facility types covered in the work include sports halls, swimming pools, health and fitness centres and gyms, dance studios, squash courts, indoor bowls centres and indoor tennis centres. 

Specialist facilities for certain sports have been addressed where these have been identified in consultation. This relates to gymnastics and indoor cricket. The assessment includes all providers of these facilities: public sector, the District Council and state schools, commercial and tourist sectors, independent schools and voluntary organisations.

The Strategy provides: 

  • A detailed quantity and quality audit of existing provision of all indoor sport and leisure facilities in the District including those provided by the public, private and voluntary sectors
  • An assessment of the adequacy of these facilities to serve the needs of the existing and likely future population in the period ending 2036 to take account of the needs of all uses including tourists
  • A Strategy detailing options for future provision of leisure facilities across the district

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