On this page you will find listed sports, activities and clubs in North Norfolk.


Fakenham Bowmen

Windy Ridge, Sculthorpe, EastGate, Fakenham, NR21 9EU

Telephone: 01328 851848

Email: mayday@fakenhambowmen.org.uk


North Norfolk Harriers Athletics Club 

55 Cromer Rd, Holt, NR25 6EY

Email: membership@theharriers.com


Elderberries Badminton

Contact: Shelia Saunders

Telephone: 01263 761142

Email: weaversway1@gmail.com

Norfolk Badminton Association

Contact: Ray Green

Telephone: 01692 503141 or 07788420508

North Walsham Sports Centre

Spenser Ave, North Walsham, NR28 9HZ

Contact: Ray Green

Telephone: 07788425058 or 01263 663326

Email: razerestringz@gmail.com or shop@theshuttleshack.com


Buxton Bowls

Buxton Recreation Ground, Mill Street, Buxton, Norwich, SK17 6SN

Telephone: 01603 279203

Email: dicksmithson@btinternet.com

Gallow indoor Bowls Club

Telephone: 07789804606

Website: www.gallow-indoor-bowls.co.uk

Holt Bowls Club

Contact: Gil Pilgrim

Telephone: 01263 715878

Email: bandgpilgrim@btinternet.com

Website: www.holtbowlsclub.co.uk

Marrams Bowls Club

Runton Rd, Cromer, NR27 9AX

Telephone: 01263 513901

Website: cromermarramsbowlsclub.com

Morley Club

48 Cromer Road, Sheringham, NR26 8RS

Telephone: 01263 822087

Website: www.morleyclub.co.uk

Mundesley Haig Bowls Club

NorthFields High Street, Mundesley, NR11 8JW

Telephone: 01263 721815

Email: imaskell26@btinternet.com

North Walsham Bowls Club and Snooker Club

New Road, North Walsham, NR28 9AE

Telephone: 01692 500710 or 01692 405213

Email: widgetwilk@gmail.com

West Runton Bowls Club

Abby Close, Sheringham, NR28 9AD

Contact: Stephen Stacey

Telephone: 07443941589

Southrepps Bowls Club

Southrepps, Norwich, NR11 8NW

Contact: Jane Bourne

Telephone: 07873130908

Stalham Bowls Club

Contact: Kevin Carver

Telephone: 01692 670544 or 01692 580535

Email: kevin.carver@hotmail.co.uk

Suffield Park Bowls Club

Contact: Bill Brodie

Telephone: 07983893606

Email: suffieldpark.secretary@gmail.com

Website: suffieldparkbowls.club

Social media: www.facebook.com/suffieldparkbowls


Fakenham Bridge Club

Telephone: 01328 316128

Email: fakenhambridgeclub@gmail.com

Website: www.bridgewebs.com/fakenham


Bacton Cricket Club

Memorial Playing Field, Bacton, NR12 OLN

Telephone: 01692 651469

Email: ncmaninblack@aol.com

Bradfield Cricket Club

Bradfield Rd, North Walsham NR28 0QW

Telephone: 01263 833660

Website: www.bradfield.play-cricket.com

Cromer Cricket Club

Norton Warnes Ground, Overstrand Road, Cromer, NR27 OAJ

Contact: John Gravelling (Chairperson)

Telephone: 01263 511023 or 07825 564743

Email: cromercricket@gmail.com

Fakenham Cricket Club

Highfield Lawn, Field Lane, Fakenham NR21 9QR

Telephone: 01328 855440

Website: www.fakenhamcricketclub.co.uk

Sheringham Cricket Club

Telephone: 07468692217

Email: chris.moy89@hotmail.co.uk

Website: sheringham.play-cricket.com


North Norfolk Wheelers Cycling Club

Telephone: 01263 822328

Email: shortandcrisp@hotmail.co.uk

North Norfolk Wheelers Cycling Club

Telephone: 01263 822328

Email: shortandcrisp@hotmail.co.uk


Marlene School of Dance

Contact: Marlene Duniam

Telephone: 01263 515288

Email: marlenedance@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.marlenesschoolofdancing.co.uk

Social Media: Facebook    

Scottish Dancing

Blakeney Scout Hut

Telephone: 01263 741508

Email: tjdbent@gmail.com


Norfolk Academy of Fencing

Norwich High School, Newmarket Road, Norwich, NR2 2HU

Telephone: 07833 348800

Email: andrewsowerby2@ntworld.com


Mid Norfolk School of Fly Fishing

3 Church Cottages, Nursery Lane, North Wootteon, Kings Lynn, PE30 3QA

Telephone: 07983 107158

Email: flystitch5@btinternet.com

Norfolk and Suffolk Flyfishers Society

100 Cozens Hardy Road, Sprowston, Norwich, NR27 8QQ

Telephone: 01603 423169

Website: www.norfolkandsuffolkflyfishers.org.uk

Wroxham Angling Club

31 The Paddocks, Old Catton, Norwich, NR6 7HF

Telephone: 01603 401062 or 07885 244262

Email: robert.westgate55@gmail.com

Fitness classes

Hindolveston Fitness

Contact: Judy Mink

Telephone: 07810538107

Email: Judenmink@aol.com

Social media: Facebook

Legs, Bums and Tums

Contact: Wyn Nurse

Telephone: 07570104671

Email: edwinanurse@hotmail.com

Football and Walking Football

Foulsham Football Club

Playing Field, Foulsham

Telephone: 01362 683543

Email: jackiep-750@fsmail.net

Holt United Football Club

Holt Sports Centre, Kelling Road, Holt, NR25 6RT

Telephone: 01263 711217

Email: s.todd700@btinternet.com

Sheringham Football Club

Contact: Suzanne Cherrie

Telephone: 07961435261

Email: suz0509@hotmail.com

Website: www.sheringhamfootballclub.co.uk

Wells Town Football Club

Beach Road, Well Next Sea, NR23 IDR

Telephone: 01328 711768

Email: steve226@gmail.com


Fakenham Golf Club

Hempton Road, Fakenham, NR21 7NY

Contact: Graham Cocker

Telephone: 01328 855678

Email: fakenhamgolfclub@gmail.com

Royal Cromer Golf Club

145 Overstrand Rd, Cromer, NR27 0JH

Telephone: 01263 512884

Email: manager@royalcromergolfclub.com

Website: www.royalcromergolfclub.com

Sheringham Golf Club

Weybourne Road, Sheringham, NR26 8HG

Telephone: 01263 823488

Email: info@sheringhamgolfclub.co.uk

Website: www.sheringhamgolfclub.co.uk 


Splash Leisure and Fitness Centre

Weybourne Road, Sheringham

Telephone: 01263 825675


North Walsham Hockey Club

1 Spa Cottage, Anchor Road, Spa Common, North Walsham, NR27 OEX

Contact: Mike Bartrum

Telephone: 01692 405560

Email: nwhc@hotmail.co.uk

Leisure and Sports Centres and Gyms

Aylsham Community Gym

Telephone: 07895759100

Email: alyshamgym@gmail.com

Website: www.aylshamcommunitygym.co.uk

Social media: Facebook

Cromer Sports Centre

Norwich Rd, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 0EX

Telephone: 01263 515669

Email: jameshudson@everyoneactive.com

Website: Cromer Sports Centre

Fakenham Sports and Fitness Centre

Trap Ln, Fakenham, NR21 9HL

Telephone: 01328 850010

Website: Fakenham Sports and Fitness Centre

Hickling Community Gym

Telephone: 07900445536

Email: sallydawnsutton@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.hicklingbarn.com

Holt Sports Centre

Woodfield Rd, Holt, NR25 6TX

Telephone: 01263 711217 

North Walsham Sports Centre

Spenser Avenue, North Walsham, NR28 9HZ

Telephone: 01692 402293

Email: jameshudson@everyoneactive.com

Website: North Walsham Sports Centre

Rossis Leisure

Spenser Avenue, North Walsham, NR28 9HZ

Telephone: 01692 404996

Email: reception@rossieleisure.com

Website: www.rossisleisure.com


Martial Arts

Fighting Fit Martial Arts Fitness Academy

Exchange House, Louden Road, Cromer, NR27 9EF

Telephone: 07900 5880866

Email: mezzettijohn@aol.com

North Norfolk Karate Club

Wimbotsham Village Hall, PE38 9LL

Telephone: 01366 381064

North Norfolk Taekwondo Academy

2 Queens Road, Holt, NR25 6DE

Telephone: 01263 711824

Email: mtparfitt@btinternet.com

Norfolk Wado Ryu Karate Club

Little Snoring Primary School, Thursford Rd, Little Snoring, Fakenham, NR21 0JN

Telephone: 07827337503

Email: information@norfolk-karate.co.uk

Tai Chi and Qigong

Hindolveston Village Hall, NR20 5DF

Telephone: 01953 887134 

Tsunami Martial Arts 

Telephone: 07827337503

Email: paul@tsunamie-martial-arts.com

Website: www.tsunami-martial-arts.com


Walking Netball

Erpingham Mugga

Telephone: 01263 761142

Email: rosbrookeside@aol.com


Great Ryburgh Village Hall

Contact: Wyn Nurse

Telephone: 07795265671

Email: wyn.nurse@north-norfolk.gov.uk


Coastal Rowing Association Blakeney

The Carnser, Blakeney, NR25 7NE

Telephone: 01273 741950

Email: president@blakenyrowing.uk

Website: crablakeney.wordpress.com/


North Norfolk Beach Runners

Cromer Lawn and Tennis Club, Norwich Road, Cromer, NR27 0EX

Contact: Vinny Purdy

Email: secretary@nnbr.co.uk

Website: www.nnbr.co.uk


Holt Rugby Club

The Club House, Bridge Road, High Kelling, Holt, NR25 6QT

Telephone: 01263 713828

Email: lesleylast@farming.co.uk

Website: www.holtrfc.com

North Walsham Rugby Football Club

The Club House, Norwich Road, Scottow, NR10 5BU

Telephone: 01692 538808

Email: vikingrugby@lineone.net

Website: www.nwrfc.club

Sailing and Canoe

Blakeney Sailing Club

St Nicholas Church Hall, The Quay, Blakeney, NR25 7ND

Telephone: 01328 830276

Email: seymours75@btinternet.com

Website: www.blakeneysailing.co.uk

Horning Sailing Club

Hon Secretary, 1 Lower Street, Horning, Norwich, NR12 8JS

Telephone: 01692 630791

Email: secretary@horning-sailing.club

Website: www.horning-sailing.club

Norfolk Broads Yacht Club

The Avenue, Wroxham, NR12 8TS

Telephone: 01603 782808

Email: hello@nbyc.co.uk

Website: www.nbyc.co.uk

Wensum Ospreys Canoe Club

C/o Whitlands, Fakenham, NR21 8EN

Telephone: 01692 409370

Email: wensumospreys@gmail.com

Website: www.wocc.org.uk


North Walsham Rifle and Pistol Club

North Walsham, NR28 9HD

Telephone: 01692 581997

Email: nwrpcmembership@gmail.com


Pot Black Snooker Club

Cattle Market Street, Fakenham, NR21 9AW

Telephone: 01328 851470


Fakenham Squash Club

Contact: Bruce Bushell 

Telephone: 07771356458

Email: brucebushell2@gmail.com


North Norfolk Viking Swimming Club

Victory Leisure Centre, Station Road, North Walsham, NR28 ODZ

Telephone: 01263 860664

Email: y_holmes@hotmail.co.uk

Seniors Swimming Club

Gresham School, Holt, NR25 6EA

Telephone: 01263 741254

Email: teazle1@btinternet.com


Cromer Lawn Tennis and Squash Association

Norwich Road, Cromer, NR27 OEX 

Telephone: 01263 513741

Email: admin@cromertennisclub.co.uk

Fakenham Tennis Club

Contact: Mary Palmer 

Telephone: 01328 862889

Email: fakenhamtennis@btinternet.com

Website: www.fakenham-tennis-club.co.uk

North Walsham Tennis Club

North Walsham, NR28 OHR

Contact: Mathew Green

Telephone: 01692 404966

Email: matt@rossieleisure.com

Wells Town Tennis Club

Contact: Paula Baldry

Email: paula.baldry@gmail.com


Hickling Windsurfing Club 

Staith Rd, Hickling, NR12 0YW

Contact: Martin Harwood 

Email: memberships@hicklingbroad.co.uk

Website: www.hicklingbroad.co.uk

Social media: Facebook


Sheringham Community Centre

Holway Rd, Sheringham, NR26 8NP

Contact: Wyn Nurse

Telephone: 07570104671

Email: edwinanurse@hotmail.com