Other than those owned by registered local fishermen; vehicles are only allowed on beaches in order to launch and recover boats and Personal Water Craft (Jet Skis etc).  They are not allowed to remain on the beach between these times

All motor vessels must travel at idling speed (maximum 8 knots) along a direct passage from the launch spot at the beach, until it reaches 200 yards. It must stay outside this 200 yard zone and always stay clear of any bathers/wildlife. More detail is covered within the seaside byelaw paper.

  • Obey the seaside byelaws, do not exceed the speed limit and act responsibly
  • Be considerate to other water users
  • Do not enter swimming zoned areas
  • Keep well away from swimmers at all times
  • Keep out of the way of shipping and learn the "rules of the road"
  • Listen to the radio weather forecast, and check local sea conditions and times of tide with the Coastguard
  • Keep an eye on each other and report anybody in trouble as soon as possible. Learn how to help and carry out self rescue
  • Please park your towing vehicle with consideration, and DO NOT OBSTRUCT ACCESS FOR OTHER USERS OR THE EMERGENCY SERVICES
  • Cars are not permitted on the beaches - see our 'On the beach' page for advice on launching your craft
  • Water skiers - do not dry launch from the beach
  • Please use the preferred launching sites
Code of Conduct for Personal Water Craft Users