Shopping at your local market is a fantastic way to support local businesses and make sustainable changes to your life that benefit the environment!

Sheringham Christmas Market

On Saturday 9 December 2023, a festive-themed market will take place in Sheringham, in addition to the weekly market.

The market will be open from 8am on Station Approach car park.

If you are a trader and would like more information about having a pitch, please contact

Christmas Market Trader Terms and Conditions

Market locations

There are several weekly markets organised by NNDC or town councils, most open all year round. The Council holds weekly markets in Cromer and Sheringham.

Town Trading day  Opening times
Cromer Friday Open all year round
Fakenham Thursday Visit Fakenham Town Council website
North Walsham Thursday Visit North Walsham Markets facebook page
Sheringham Wednesday April to October
Sheringham Saturday Open all year round

Farmers and seasonal markets

You can find details of these markets with our tourism partners at Visit North Norfolk.

Town Council markets

Why shop local?

One of the best things you can do in your community is to shop locally, such as in your local market – here’s why!

Better for the environment

Many of us make climate-conscious decisions when shopping. Eating food that has flown across the world in plastic packaging is unsustainable. Shopping with local butchers, bakers, farm shops, greengrocers or at markets has a short field-to-fork distance, which is much better for the climate and supports local farmers. 

Supports local economy

Buying from a local business, whether a shop, market stall or charity shop, supports them more than you might imagine - for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business, 63p stays in the local economy! 

Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally – supporting local businesses supports local jobs.

Better deals and advice

Our local shopkeepers and traders are also experts! You will find great deals and quality products and get advice on whatever you buy. You may get more for your money and reliability on returns, repairs and support.