North Norfolk District Council is pleased to welcome back visitors to our area but would like to issue some advice to our motorhome guests.

Overnight sleeping

Overnight sleeping is not allowed in all of our Council car parks. We have many authorised and licenced camping sites across North Norfolk where owners and operators are pleased to welcome guests and provide appropriate facilities for motorhomes.

Do not sleep or camp overnight in our car parks

Wild camping

Do not wild camp (including motorhomes) on:

  • beach access points
  • woodland and heathland
  • Broads car parks
  • public access sites anywhere in the district

Where to park in North Norfolk

Some car parks are designed for a standard car size and are tight on space. Therefore motorhome drivers should familiarise themselves with our car parks available to accommodate the larger size of their vehicles.

Parking locations suitable for motorhomes

  • Cromer, Runton Road, NR27 9AU
  • East Runton, Beach Road, NR27 9PA
  • Happisburgh, Cart Gap, NR12 0QL
  • Mundesley, Gold Park, NR11 8BG
  • Overstrand, Pauls Lane, NR27 0PE
  • Sea Palling, Clink Lane, NR12 0UL
  • Weybourne, Beach Road, NR25 7SR

Public toilets and motorhomes

The Council does not provide facilities for servicing motorhomes, such as the provision of water, toilet emptying facilities or rubbish bins for domestic waste.

Do not use public toilets for emptying toilet cassettes.

Using public toilets in this way creates significant management and servicing problems for the council. Toilets get blocked and must be closed for maintenance, meaning they are unavailable for other users and creates additional costs for the council.

There are plenty of holiday parks that provide appropriate water and waste services for motorhomes.

Most of our visitors respect our area and communities and abide by local bylaws prohibiting overnight stays in car parks and wild camping on countryside sites. However, if issues with unauthorised and unlawful camping by motorhome owners persist, the Council will look to take enforcement action with local police colleagues as necessary.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable stay in North Norfolk.