Gypsies and travellers are part of north Norfolk life and always have been. Historically they have visited the district for work, recreation and pilgrimage.

The Council believes that in order to promote good community relations and to meet recent Government guidance, it should provide sites or stopping places for gypsies and travellers in the district.

Two short stay stopping places for gypsies and travellers have been provided by the Council reflecting historic patterns of visits to the district over many years. These facilities were provided with monies from the Government’s gypsy and traveller site grant fund:

  • Holt Road, Cromer, on land next to the District Council offices, and
  • South of the A148 Holt Road to the north-east of Fakenham, 300 metres east of the Clipbush Lane/Fakenham bypass roundabout

Details of the two short stay stopping places and other issues relating to gypsy and traveller encampments in north Norfolk should be obtained from the Council’s Environmental Protection team.