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Norfolk County Council

The North Norfolk Rural Business Grant Programme is available until March 2025. It is designed to support businesses in applying for larger capital projects to support the refurbishment of buildings to diversify their offer or to buy equipment to expand and grow. 

This investment helps businesses:

  •  improve or develop unused buildings or infrastructure
  • diversify away from agriculture as the primary businesses
  • buy equipment to grow and expand

This programme will help businesses develop their application and receive independent advice from a specialist advisor through the Norfolk County Council (NCC) Growth Hub team. The team will work with your group to help understand the required outcomes and develop your evidence. 

Grant details

All these services are free. Grants range from £10,000 to £100,000 and are offered at a 50% intervention rate. Applicants can also apply for more significant projects, but the size of the grant will be capped at £100,000.

All projects must have match funding and any required permissions in place before applying.


All projects must be completed by December 2024 and claimed retrospectively by March 2025.   

Who can apply

Any businesses, community interest companies and social enterprises.

How to apply

Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Businesses interested in this funding are encouraged to read the guidance and apply through the Growth Hub at Norfolk County Council.