The way North Norfolk District Council offers pre-planning application advice is about to change. The current Duty Officer Service will finish at the end of April.

Instead the Council will run a new and improved service which will provide a written response in all cases. This will ensure advice is clear for customers and a record kept of all advice given.

To start with the new service will only be provided on householder schemes and small scale residential or commercial schemes (1 to 9 houses or up to 999m2 of commercial floorspace). Major schemes will be brought into the new service in due course.

For advice on Major applications, please contact the Major Projects Team on 01263 513811 or email:

The new pre-application advice service will provide a range of response levels, from a simple enquiry where only an ‘in principle’ view has been requested, right through to advice giving a view on the acceptability of the proposed scheme and advising on any necessary amendments.

Each level of service will attract a different fee.

The Council will no longer respond to queries around whether planning permission is required. Advice can be found on the Planning Portal or you can submit a Certificate of Lawful Proposed Use or Development application.

We can provide you with detailed comments relating to your proposed development and they are a means of identifying any issues at an early stage, which could save you time and money and improve your chances of having your proposal approved.