Date published: 10th June 2022

In response to the rising cost of energy bills, the government announced a one-off Energy Rebate of £150 to customers with council tax bands A to D (including band E properties receiving a disabled band reduction).

Currently, North Norfolk District Council has paid over £5.6 million to 37,413 households which is around 90% of eligible customers in the district, with more payments going out each week.

This work has been treated as a top priority at NNDC. There have been two team leaders and five revenue staff working on this, with other revenue staff supporting this work when needed.

On 16 May, the team received over 1,200 telephone calls where customers wanted advice or assistance and we asked all revenues staff to assist. Not only were all calls dealt with but also all the email enquiries.

Reminder letters are being sent out to eligible customers that have not made an application for the rebate, asking them to apply for the rebate by June 30, 2022, otherwise the £150 will be credited against their council tax account.

Sean Knight, North Norfolk District Council, Revenues Manager said:

“The Council Tax Energy Rebate scheme is a massive piece of work and my team has kept on top of this work to help our customers receive their £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate as soon as possible.”

For more information about the scheme, then visit

This rebate is not a council tax discount, and you should continue paying your most recent Council Tax bill.

If you feel you are eligible and require assistance, please email or telephone 01263 516071.

Last updated: 12th April 2023