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Date published: 15th March 2022

Race runners have the opportunity to win the remaining two ‘golden’ tickets for the first coastal marathon taking place along the Deep History Coast, hosted by North Norfolk District Council and supported by North Norfolk Beach Runners.

The two ‘golden tickets’ left will be made available to win by taking part in a Strava Art competition by running their version of a ‘Mammoth’ route.

All runners need to do is download the Strava app and plot out a route, in the shape of a mammoth.

Using the app you can plot routes, a tool which has led to an international rise in runners creating works of art or comical running routes, with many runners creating animal shapes and the creation of a website gallery to showcase them all.

There is no set minimum or maximum route length, and the route can be taken anywhere, it just needs to be taken safely when running on roads and in daylight, wearing the correct clothing and footwear.

  Example of Strava Art Mammoth

Colin Brown, race organiser said:

“We’ve got two spots up for grabs – one for the half-marathon, and one for the full marathon. In the spirit of the race, we’re giving away the two remaining tickets to those who can run the best mammoth

The competition was tough and many runners were disappointed not to get their place, or a place in the London Marathon, so this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to win their spot in a fun way.”

Entries are to be emailed to by Thursday 31 March to be judged and awarded by Monday 4 April

Please indicate which marathon you are intending to run in your entry

More details about the event, including categories, fees, prizes, start times and the full route will be available on the NNDC website.

Entrants should check the Mammoth Marathon webpage for competition details.

Last updated: 12th April 2023