Date published: 23rd February 2023

Councillors voted 21 to 12 to increase North Norfolk District Council’s share of Council Tax for 2023-24 by 3.1% at last night’s Full Council meeting.

This reflects an annual increase of £4.95 or less for the District element of Council Tax for 84.6% of properties in the district.

This increase only reflects the portion of Council Tax North Norfolk District Council charges and collects. Any changes to the charges levied by Norfolk County Council, Parish Councils and Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner will still be reflected in Council Tax bills for 2023/24 – accounting for more than 90% of the total cost to tax-payers in our district.

In the 2022/23 Council Tax budget, just 8p per £1 of Council Tax went to North Norfolk District Council for all the services it provided, with 75p going to Norfolk County Council, 14p going to the Police and Crime Commissioner and 3p going to Town and Parish Councils.

Each year, the Council sets its budget and allocates its proportion of Council Tax income towards the functions and services it provides to residents in North Norfolk.

Council Leader Tim Adams said rising inflation and increases to other costs have impacted the Council’s finances and made an increase necessary this year.

Cllr. Tim Adams, Leader of North Norfolk District Council, said:

“It has been a challenging process to set this year’s budget given the national context with the most significant levels of inflation we have seen for some time. Our intention with this budget has been to protect and improve services, continue to help residents facing hardship with the continuation of Council Tax support and other recently developed services, and continue to work towards net zero carbon by 2030.

“I feel this is a fair budget, with the Council only asking for the additional contribution from residents equivalent to the cost of a pint of beer at a pub, or less for many households. We will be able to continue to invest in public toilet facilities, leisure and sports facilities and other assets across the District, whilst continuing to retain the levels of service we provide.”

What services does my Council Tax pay for?

Norfolk County Council’s 2022/23 budget is £1.6 billion and covers services such as children’s services (including schools), adult social services, community and environment services and general finance (inc. money set aside for capital projects)

At North Norfolk District Council’s level, expenditure is split into capital and revenue – capital spending is one-off projects such as The Reef, major improvement works (such as Cromer Pier works), initiatives (such as new affordable housing and purchase of temporary accommodation) or infrastructure procurement (such as the development of Changing Places and improved public toilets in recent months).

Revenue spending covers the Council’s wider service provisions, such as coastal management, environmental services and culture and recreation (including leisure centres and public parks).

View a breakdown of how tax income is dispersed: Home | Council Tax: How is it spent (

The Council Tax precept for the Police and Crime Commissioner sets the budget for policing in the county – see the full breakdown from Norfolk Police

View details of the Council Tax precept for Norfolk County Council: Council tax - Norfolk County Council

Last updated: 12th April 2023