Council Tree Planting Scheme: 110,000 trees in 4 years

In 2019 North Norfolk District Council declared a Climate Emergency to tackle the devastating impact that increasing global greenhouse gas emissions are causing through climate change. 

As part of our response, we pledged to plant 110,000 trees one for every resident in North Norfolk – by April 2023.

The project launched at the annual Greenbuild environmental sustainability event in September 2019, open to everyone in North Norfolk, community groups, schools, landowners and individuals wishing to plant trees of their own.

More information about the project can be found in our Tree Strategy.

How many trees have been planted?

As of 7 March 2023, 115,820 trees and hedge plants have been planted across the district in 132 projects.

Visit our tree map to find out where they have been planted. 

Miyawaki Forest Project in North Norfolk

North Norfolk District Council has planted Miyawaki Forests in several locations across the district.

110,000 trees planted

Why plant trees?

There are many benefits to planting trees, some of which might not be so obvious.

Reduce the impact of climate change

  • Absorb large amounts of carbon, taking it out of the atmosphere and locking it away.
  • Conserve water by trapping rainfall and improving ground water supply.
  • Reduce risk of flooding by reducing the amount of water getting into rivers.

Improve our health and wellbeing

  • Helping those with respiratory problems such as asthma by removing pollutants from the air. 
  • Provide shade to protect us from harmful solar radiation, and also keep us cool.
  • Helps reduce blood pressure, lowers heart rates and reduces stress.
  • Planting trees is great exercise and a great social activity.

Enrich the natural world

  • Provide vital food and shelter for thousands of different species.
  • Prevent soil erosion, improving soil quality for farming and biodiversity.

tree planting at Fakenham Infant SchoolNigel​ Stannett, our Climate Change Project Officer teaches children at Fakenham Infant School how to plant a tree.

Holt Country ParkCllr Richard Kershaw, Cllr Nigel Lloyd and Cllr John Toye at a tree planting event at Holt Country Park.

Hedge planting at FulmodestonCommunity hedge planting at Old School Hall in Fulmodeston

Thank you!

This project is now closed to new applications.  We would like to thank everyone who has supported the project.

Still want to plant trees?

The Woodland Trust offers free trees to schools and communities.  Schemes and funding are also available for landowners and farmers.

Jubilee Trees for Norfolk scheme - Norfolk County Council

Our grants - The Tree Council

The TCV I dig trees project: Register for your 'I Dig Trees'

Planting and caring for your tree

Your tree needs to thrive, so choosing the right planting site and knowing which species will grow in your selected location is crucial. Help is at hand with our tree planting guidance.

Learn more about caring for your tree

caring for your tree