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What is a rateable value?

All business rated properties have a rateable value which is set by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). You can check your rateable value and compare it with others on the VOA website.

Historically, the VOA has re-assessed the rateable values of all non-domestic properties every five years. This process is known as revaluation and the most recent one became effective on 1 April 2023.

How does the rateable value affect my rate demand notice?

To work out how much you must pay, your rateable value is multiplied by a factor known as the non-domestic rating multiplier. The government fixes this each year. For 2024 to 2025, this has been set at 54.6p.

The lower non-domestic rating multiplier is used for occupied properties with a rateable value below £51,000 not entitled to charity or rural rate relief. For 2024 to 2025, this has been set at 49.9p. 

This figure could be further adjusted as a result of small business rate relief or any other reliefs you may be entitled to. See our reducing your business rates page for more details.

What is a transitional arrangement?

Property values can change substantially between each five year revaluation. The transitional arrangement scheme sets limits on the amount your bill can increase or decrease each year. This will continue to apply to yearly increases or decreases until the full amount is due. After these limits have been applied your bill will also increase in line with inflation.

The council will automatically calculate any transitional arrangement against your business rates bill, there is no need to apply for this.

The transitional arrangement scheme is explained more fully on the GOV.UK transitional rate relief page.

What if I think my rateable value or rating list entry is incorrect?

If you think either your rateable value or rating list entry is incorrect, you can make an appeal asking for it to be changed. See the GOV.UK business rates appeals page for more details.

If you are making an appeal you must still pay the bill we have sent you. We cannot recalculate your bill until the Valuation Office has advised us in writing of the new rateable value.

If your appeal is successful the rateable value will be changed and your bill recalculated. However you may find that this makes no difference to the amount you pay. This is because you have been paying the transitional arrangement charge and not the actual amount due.

You do not have to be represented in discussions about rateable value however you may wish to seek advice from a specialist rating adviser. Further advice regarding the role of an agent and their governing bodies is available on the Government’s website.

Please be aware that no one can guarantee a reduction in your rateable value.


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