Learn more about the grant, what funding is available and how to apply

North Norfolk District Council values and appreciates the Armed Forces Community's contribution and will support them wherever possible.

The Armed Forces Community Fund offers grants of up to £300 to voluntary and community organisations aligned with the armed forces and community, town and parish councils, whose projects are based within North Norfolk. 

The fund's purpose will be to provide funding for groups to deliver services or events that increase participation and engagement with or raise the profile of the Armed Forces Community in North Norfolk.

Applications for the fund can be made anytime. Once submitted, they will be assessed within five working days, with a decision within three weeks of receiving them.

The fund is available for projects focusing on North Norfolk residents' health and well-being.

Who can apply?

  • constituted local voluntary organisations, charities and community groups aligned with the Armed Forces Community
  • north Norfolk district parish and town councils
  • community and social enterprises and other not-for-profit organisations aligned with the Armed Forces Community

Who would not be eligible to apply?

  • individuals and commercial businesses 
  • organisations supported by grant funding from North Norfolk District Council unless the request can prove that the funding is for a specific additional project and that the outcomes are over and above any existing funding agreement
  • organisations to support other charities and organisations

Before you apply

Read through the Armed Forces Community Fund Prospectus to ensure that your organisation meets the criteria to apply and meets the funding criteria.

If you need to discuss your application, contact Sharon Garth on 01263 516248.

How to apply

Complete the grant application form once confirmed that your application meets the criteria. Please note that Section 6 of the form will require an original signature.

Complete the independent referee form and ask someone familiar with and knowledgeable about the project to complete it. An original signature is also required on this form.

Lastly, gather together all the following documentation:

  • completed application form, which has been hand signed
  • organisation's constitution or governing document
  • independent referee form
  • recent bank statement
  • policy documents such as Equal Opportunities or Safeguarding

Send your application

Send your completed application to armed.forces@north-norfolk.gov.uk.

Only fully completed and signed applications with all supporting documentation will be accepted.

Need help with your application

Contact Sharon Garth on 01263 516248 with any questions about completing the application form and the supporting documentation required.