North Norfolk District Council has the discretionary power to reduce the payment of your Council Tax bill by granting discretionary reduction

The principal purpose of awarding a discretionary reduction shall be to provide short-term assistance to households suffering unexpected hardship. 

Exceptional circumstances for hardship under the Council Tax regulations will usually be circumstances that are outside the control of the household and beyond normal risks a household faces. The household must demonstrate that it has done all it can to mitigate those risks and is taking action to minimise them.

100% of this relief is paid for by local taxpayers from Council Tax funds, Therefore we must satisfy ourselves that in granting a reduction, it is in the interests of the local Council Tax payers.

How to apply

  1. Before applying, please read the Council’s Discretionary Reduction (Hardship Relief) policy.
  2. Complete the application form. Only complete applications or applications submitted with the required evidence may be accepted.